Humble Beginnings of a Homebrewer


It all started with a trip to Munich with my wife in 2012. She was born there and still had her parents living there. It’s there that I  got introduced to proper Bavarian weiss beer…I simply  loved it and knew I had to try and make some myself. When we got back, my wife bought me a red lager Homebrew kit from Beerguevara. (Homebrew shop in Cape Town)

I brewed some beer back in my school days with my Dad, but even then, it was one of those “just add water and yeast” Coopers kits. It was horrible.

I brewed my first batch in the kitchen, and boy did my wife hate the smell. I followed the instructions carefully, and the red lager looked like it could turn into a nice beer. It was the first time that I saw active yeast through the clear 5 liter carboy… I left it out in the kitchen for everyone to see, and only later read up how import it is to keep your fermentation stable, control the heat, etc…alas the beer was spoiled, but I loved the process of making it.

A few weeks I went back to Beerguevara and bought some more gear.

– Another carboy (for more beer)
– Digital Thermometer
– Bottle capper and caps
– Another kit.
– Bigger pot (21 liters)

With a little more knowledge, I brewed my next batch…it came out a lot better than the previous batch. Controlling the heat in the mash, the addition of bottled/filtered water and a more controlled environment for the fermentation definitely made the difference.



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