Proper HEAT

I’ve put a lot of hard work into my kegs…from cutting the tops off, to welding 1/2 inch nipples for ball valves. These pots are heavy…and difficult to get your liquid boiling without proper heat.

I had some of these burners from back in the day in my garage, and with a few bricks on the side, I could balance the kegs on it, and get the heat going, but it didn’t quite do the trick. The flame was too far from the bottom of the keg, and balancing 50L of hot liquid is not ideal.
gasb.jpgI found a shop called Gas & Equipment Center in Goodwood and got a Safegas CA6 High Pressure Wok Burner (1.2kg/hr) for R290 a pop. Not bad !


Getting it up and running the first time was a bit tricky/scary…they are not as easy to manage as the other ones and work completely different. Its got a air/gas mixture plate that you have to have on just the right setting (if you can call it that – can be seen in the picture above)

As you can see the kegs fit perfectly over the ‘legs’ of the burner. and now I’ve finally got proper heat 🙂



OK, whats next???


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