DIY Bamboo wall

I found a place in Stellenbosch that sells bamboo at R5 each…the wall (below) have been irritating me since we moved in 4 years ago. I managed to get my Dad on board for this project, luckily…as it was quite a job.

We finished the project over 3 Saturdays…doing about 5 meters per day. First we drilled some holes in the concrete pillars of the vibracrete wall and then we made 3 rows on wire stretching from one side to another with fish eye bolts. We then weaved the bamboo onto the wire with stainless wire.

The only trick was that we couldn’t pre-cut all the bamboo, as our backyard is at an angle. We also dipped both ends of the already cut bamboo in Bee’s wax to keep the water out. The problem was that melting the bee’s wax on an small stove attracted quite a few bee’s and the only way to keep them away was to constantly smoke a cigarette.

Below are some before and after pics 🙂









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