My first Raspberry Pi brew monitor

I bought a Raspberry PI and have been toying around with Linux and sensors for a few months now. The sensors are cheap and easy to configure with loads of online tutorials.

So, I started playing around with the idea of building a monitor to keep track of my kegs temperature, maybe even fermentation, since I never bought dial thermometers for my pots. They’re quite expensive at around R550 each. After a bit of research I found that the DS18B20 temperature sensors are dirt cheap at about R100 each and easy to connect.

Below you can see the compression fitting I used to connect the senor to my pot.

Image result for DS18B20


Below is my first attempt…its just a simple python webserver script that queries the sensor every 5 seconds and displays it in a textbox on my webserver homepage. Its still a bit bland…need some color.


Its got a name !!!


Below: I’ve added a fourth sensor for my fermentation…


Its been a fun project, but didn’t work as good as I was hoping for. The temperature were a bit off, and I think the main reason is that my sensor wasn’t reading the liquid in the middle. The compression fitting work well (no leaks), but the sensor needs to go deeper into the tank. I used the fermentation monitor on a few brews and worked really well.

I wont be taking this project any further…I now know what I can do, but ideally a brew monitor should be able to control pumps, gas etc…and that’s just gonna cost a lot.


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