My DIY Kegerator

Every homebrewer will tell you a story or two about bottling day… Its messy, and a lot of hard work. Sterilizing bottles, measuring sugar quantities for different bottle sizes, capping, and the more beer you make the longer it all takes.

Besides, whats better than pouring a pint at home? šŸ™‚

So, I decided its time to look into kegging at home. I haveĀ our old fridge in my man-cave downstairs, so luckily I already have one of the biggest expenses sorted.

– Beer hose (dispense)
– John Guest FittingsĀ (dispense)
– Corny Keg couplers (dispense)
– RegulatorĀ (dispense)
– Fire extinguisher (Equity Fire Solutions)
– Beer tap (kegsolutions)
– Corny kegĀ (kegsolutions)

I found a guy in Somerset West that imports used corny kegs…R950 per keg, Ā and they still look pretty decent. (I see he nowadays have a website:Ā He also sold me a used tapĀ for R250. The rest of the fittingsĀ were all bought from Dispense in Diep River ( and the fire extinguisher I got from Equity Fire Solutions in Parow…they even filled it for me with C02.

The setup is pretty easy….simply drill a hole in the fridge for the tap. (I opted for the tap to be on the side) and then basically measure & cut your hose lengths and push all the fittings together. The John Guest fittings are pretty cool…just push and pull to make them secure & air tight. I had to also remove the inside plastic part of the fridge to make both corny kegs fit.

And that’s it !! Everything works awesome…I nowadays evenĀ lager my beers in the corny kegs. Its just so easy. A little money to get it all going, but so worth it.

Here’s my completed setup.






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