My electric brewery upgrade – Part 1

Its been a few years since I started brewing beer. I first started with 6L batches in our kitchen, using a Brew-In-A-Bag setup, and then moved over to a bigger, 3 tier gas setup. Brew day (for me at least) is whole day process. From planning the recipe, to cleaning all your equipment, and sterilizing everything. Then you need to brew the beer, and depending on the recipe, mash schedules etc, it could take anything from 6 to 8 hours. After that you need to clean everything AGAIN !!

I’ve always wanted to move away from gas…simply cause I don’t trust it. I could never have anything on the boil, and leave it for more than 5 minutes.

I just don’t trust it…

Also, I always knew that I would try and automate some of my brewing processes eventually, and with gas its a little tricky. The obvious would be to upgrade to an electric system. So, I cleaned all my equipment, and started selling it all on Gumtree. It was a sad day, as it took me quite some time to gather everything and make it mine. Hours of labor, only to sell it 😦  I did get some good prices for the lot, but my upgrade wasn’t gonna be cheap either.

I did all my research and decided to go with a HERMS system, based on The site is amazing with plans and everything documented. I bought the ebook on special over Christmas and started my setup. I first bought my tanks from 3 x 46L stainless steel tanks with lids. Man !! They looked beautiful…no need to polish them like the old kegs. Just 3 x shiny, beautiful tanks 🙂

No need to explain the rest…cut/drill the holes and assemble.

Here is my setup with stage 1 complete…I got all the stainless steel weldless fittings & ball vales from


TIP: To make perfect holes for your weldless fittings, buy this tool from TorkCraft at Builder Warehouse. I think I paid around R90 for it. They work like a charm and make perfect holes for your stainless steel hex nipples. 20mm is perfect for 1/2 inch nipple.


Thats it for stage 1 of my new Electric Brewery 🙂


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