My electric brewery upgrade – Part 3

Heating…the most important part of any brewery.

I always struggled to get a good rolling boil with my gas setup. So, with my new setup, I wanted to make sure that’s not a problem. I ordered my heating elements through Amazon…2 x Camco 4500W elements.



I bought some electrical extension boxes with covers from the local hardware store and sprayed them silver with a heat resistant spray. To make the holes for the elements I used a knockout punch.

Fitting everything went pretty smooth…again, the knockout punch makes a perfect hole with ease, so this part of the brewery actually went quite fast and tested to be leak free on the first try.

I also bought these high voltage connectors (see below) from Communica in Woodstock. 20160130_121940

Here’s the completed BK and HLT tanks with elements and electric boxes.


That’s it for part 3 🙂



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